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Socialize and Iftar with PERTAHARA

HARA continues to monitor PERTAHARA so that the program can run smoothly. In addition to accompanying PERTAHARA during the program, HARA also held other programs such as socialization between PERTAHARA members and the HARA team. The socialization was held in four PERTAHARA cities, namely Bojonegoro, Malang, Banyumas, and Purbalingga. This socialization was held last April.

The socialization was held five times in Bojonegoro, four times in Malang, and once in Banyumas and Purbalingga. There are 25 participants in each socialization. The purpose of this socialization is to improve relations between farmers and the HARA team and also discuss the progress of agricultural activities and plan programs for the future. In addition, because it coincided with the month of Ramadan, this socialization was also an activity to break the fast together.

The main topic of this socialization is Monitoring Registration and Data Collection Applications. The HARA team discusses with farmers about suggestions and problems faced in the field so that the PERTAHARA program can be even better. The HARA team also continues to remind about the value and message of the PERTAHARA program so that farmers remain enthusiastic so that the program can achieve its goals well. This socialization also discusses the details and benefits of the cooperative program that has been carried out by the HARA team and farmers.

In the same month, HARA also held a competition to make a short video of PERTAHARA’s activities and share experiences during joining PERTAHARA. This competition has two winners. And the winner is Mrs. Ulan and Mrs. Sriwanti from Malang city with a total prize of Rp. 200,000.- (Indonesia Rupiah).

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