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About HARA

HARA is a blockchain-based data exchange for the food and agriculture sector that has been operating since 2015. HARA provides farmers and other players in the agricultural sector with valuable data. HARA has acquired usually hard-to-find data such as farmer, land, and weather data in different provinces across Indonesia. This data is beneficial for institutions across the sectors to make data-driven decisions.

For instance, HARA has successfully helped digitize loan administration and disbursement processes of several financial institutions. Also, the data from HARA has been used in market research reports to provide reliable information on the rice production in Indonesia.

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The HARA Ecosystem
Consist of 4 Stakeholders

  • Data Providers who are rewarded for data submission, like farmers, IoT and satellite companies.

  • Data Qualifiers who verify the data, like HARA agripreneurs.

  • Data Buyers who access the data, like banks, insurance, and agriculture input companies.

  • Value Added Services who access and process raw data to resubmit as 'enriched data'.

Our Story


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HARA is the sister company of the leading Big Data Analytics company in Indonesia, Dattabot, that was established in 2014.



Then in 2015, Dattabot developed HARA as a decentralized data exchange and ecosystem that uses a combination of AI and blockchain for the food and agricultural sector.


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In 2021, we launched our field project Pancasila Ginger Project and scaled it up into the PERTAHARA movement that focuses on empowering rural women.

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Our Goal

 HARA aims to support agriculture sector to make better decision and improve their livehood.

Our Team

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Regi Wahyu

Chief Executive Officer


Imron Zuhri

Chief Technology Officer

Firnando Sirait.jpeg

Firnando Sirait

Head of Business Development


Ashifa Zanethya

Product Operations Specialist

Kak Bayu.jpeg

Bayu Ariyantono

Head of Finance

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-08 at 1.05.27 PM.jpeg

Juwita Winadwiastuti

Lead Blockchain Developer


Azzara Putri Elvaza

Jr. Product Operations


Nur Fitrianti



Angelika Berliana

Digital Marketing Strategist

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