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HARA App for Field Agents/
HARA Data Acquisition

HARA field officer app brings agriculture data visibility and
connectivity to empower smallholder farmers.


Hara field agents empower small holder farmers with financing options and access to productivity enhancing opportunities you won’t find anywhere else



Data ownership is back to the rightful owners, in this case, small holder farmers. Collected data is gathered to learn the best implementation for farming practice. Enable cost efficient farming that enhances their productivity.

Data Rating

From farm input to harvest, unlock farming potential based on cultivation data. Cultivation activities bring more data to improve loan calculation, easier insurance claim, food traceability and certifications

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HARA For Business

An advanced dashboard for HARA partners to view and monitor farming
activity and farmers profiling that suites any related business needs.

Area Mapping

Landscape View of Farming Activity and Demography

Activity Monitoring

Near Real Time Farming Activity in Detailed Visualization

Farmers Profiling

Identify their Profile to give the most effective incentive

Leads and loan performance

Help Banking and Financial Partners to be Informed on Leads and Monitor the Loan

PERTAHARA Application for
Agripreneurs and PERTAHARA Farmers

The PERTAHARA application helps automate the process of registration for agripreneurs and PERTAHARA Farmers and help make ginger cultivation processes easier by collecting their information into one database.


A dashboard that collects basic information to register as an agripreneur and PERTAHARA Farmer.

Ginger Buds Ordering

The PERTAHARA application helps automatize the ordering process of ginger buds between agripreneurs and the HARA Team.


Through the application, PERTAHARA farmers will post updates of their ginger’s progress. When posting these updates, both the agripreneurs and the HARA Team will receive automatic notifications to keep track and give feedback to each farmer.

Harvesting Period and Profit Sharing

During the harvesting, PERTAHARA farmers will input the data of their cultivated ginger. For the post harvesting process, agripreneurs and PERTAHARA uses the application to receive notifications of their services revenue.

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