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A-B-I x HARA Goes To University of Indonesia!

On October 31st, 2022, A-B-I (Indonesian Blockchain Association) in collaboration with University of Indonesia held a Guest Lecture to discuss a topic of Blockchain Technology. Where the guest lecture was filled with Blockchain Team Leader from HARA, namely Mrs. Juwita Winadwiastuti, and moderated directly by a Lecturer from University of Indonesia, Dr. Lakshmita Rahadianti.

The guest lectures were held online through a zoom meeting which was attended by students from University of Indonesia and exchange students from University of Malaya with approximately 50 participants attending the guest lectures. The guest lectures itself aims to educate students towards Business Use-Cases on Blockchain Technology and expected that will be very useful for their career in the future.

HARA as a speaker for Blockchain Technology Class?

Yes of course! In this event, Ms. Juwita Winadwiastuti discussed Business Use-Cases on Blockchain Technology. Starting with explaining the definition of blockchain technology itself, then continuing with an explanation regarding the types of blockchain, Ms. Juwita Winadwiastuti said that blockchain types are divided into public blockchains, private blockchains, and consortium blockchains. Followed by an explanation of the advantages of using blockchain, differences between database and blockchain, how blockchain works, application of blockchain technology, blockchain in logistic, and streamlining the trade financing process with blockchain.

Then, Ms. Juwita Winadwiastuti also explained some of the business challengings of blockchain technology which are caused by blockchain’s increased transparency, all things blockchain does are public, and then for a cryptocurrency use case, a token is only approved as an asset, not as a means of payment. Through this event, we can hone our skills to find more jobs opportunities in blockchain industry.

The event ended with a question and answer session, as well as the enthusiasm of the participants who were very curious and excited about the topic, so many questions were asked to the speakers. The guest lectures activities ran smoothly and wisely.

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