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HARA’s Contribution Towards DFS Report Regarding Emerging Business Models to Support Farmers

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

On October 13th 2021, GSMA issued a report titled “Agricultural DFS: Emerging Business Models to Support the Financial Inclusion of Smallholder Farmers” in which HARA also contributed to the formulation of the Agricultural Digital Finance Services report.

The report mentioned challenges faced by the smallholder farmers because although 500 million households depend on smallholder farmers and they manage 25% of the world’s cropland and also produce around a third of the world’s food they often face problems relating to food insecurity and financial exclusion. Following the aforementioned problems, there are factors that are influential and essential regarding Agri DFS such as the Digitalization of saving groups, credit processes, and value chains, also embedded finance, and pay-as-you-go.

The GSM Association (GSMA) is a global organization focusing on unifying the mobile ecosystem that is used to discover, develop, and deliver foundational innovation related to social development and business environments. Through their initiative, the GSMA Agritech Programme, GSMA focused on agricultural problems especially smallholder farmers, and what business model should be used to deal with smallholder farmers’ financial inclusion and their financial stability — where their research is poured into this research.

HARA helped contribute to this report by providing information regarding our business model, specifically about agricultural financing, agricultural kiosk support (HARA Depo), input supply chain, and market access support for off-taking. Our business model has the goal to promote financial inclusivity towards smallholder farmers which goes hand in hand with Agri DFS’s 5 business models such as Digitization of savings groups, credit processes, and value chains also embedded finance, and pay-as-you-go.

HARA’s technological utilization in providing access for smallholder farmers towards financial institutions through the use of our technology was used as a reference in this report because it symbolizes the emerging business model revolving around agricultural issues. With hopes from GSMA regarding the advancement and development in business models revolving around the agricultural sector and financial inclusivity — such as what HARA has offered, GSMA hopes that it will be the beginning of various business models in which needed to rely on each other to grow even further. HARA is one of many organizations to kick off the development of digital financial services to support smallholder farmers, and alongside various emerging organizations and startups focusing on the aforementioned factors regarding Agri DFS, GSMA hopes the problems regarding farmers’ financial condition and aid could be solved.

How To Get the Report

If you’re interested in learning more about the importance and role of Agricultural Digital Finances Services (Agri DFS) for smallholders farmers, check out the report here:


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