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HARA Token Supports The First and Biggest Virtual Golf Tournament in Indonesia — Xpora Virtual Golf

On October 13th — November 29th, 2021, BNI held the Xpora Virtual Golf Tour to support Indonesia’s recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic situation. It‘s one of the tourism-based sports played at Damai Indah Golf — Bumi Serpong Damai — Tangerang Selatan, Banten & Bali.

The Xpora Virtual Golf Tour -which was initiated by BNI- has broken new records and history in Museum Rekor-Dunia Indonesia (MURI) as the first and the biggest Digital Golf Championship in Indonesia. The tournament’s purpose was to accommodate amateur golfers with the platform to showcase their ability and to push them to develop their skills. Through this event, BNI stood as a pioneer for strengthening relations between the golf-sports community in order to bring forward Indonesia’s golf and sports industry. Overall, the Virtual Golf Tour was attended by communities from over 7 (seven) cities in Indonesia, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Medan, and Makassar.

The final tournament of the Xpora Virtual Golf Tour was held in Bali on the 27th — 28th November 2021 at two separate locations. The first day was at Bali National Golf Club in Nusa Dua. They held the second day at New Golf Kuta, Pecatu.

HARA Token Going Golfing?

Not quite! But HARA proudly contributes to this tournament and its mission by providing support through HARA Tokens and through that, could open opportunities for amateur golfers to gain new achievements, experiences and to break new records as a stepping stone to accelerate their career and to hone their golfing skills in the future. Not only that, but through this event, HARA was able to share the knowledge about HARA Tokens and our mission to individuals in the golf industry -where many prominent individuals choose to invest their time and develop their hobbies.

During the finals, an amazing team represented HARA — The GOBER HARA TOKEN team- where they brought forth an amazing game. The golf team comprises Mr. Pugu Susiantoro, Mr. Alverno, Mr. Erwin Gani, Mr. Danny Boestami, and Mrs. Wita who played separately during the finals.

Mrs. Wita on her way to the tournament

By the end of the tournament, the GOBER Crew — sponsored by HARA Token — snatched the highest number of Medals won with 10 Gold Medal, 5 Silver Medal, and 2 Bronze Medals, crowning them as the General Champions of the Xpora Virtual Golf Tournaments. During the first day, the team won 5 Medals. During the second day, Mrs. Wita of the GOBER HARA TOKEN team snagged the gold medal for the Daily Nett Tournament and the Total Gross Tournament for the Women Category, as well as a Silver Medal for The Total Nett Divison E. Next is Mr. Alverno who won a Silver Medal in the Daily Gross & Net Tournament for the Division B Category & a Gold for the Total Gross Division B.

The GOBER HARA TOKEN Team as the General Champions of the Xpora Virtual Golf Tournament in Bali

The GOBER HARA Token team also won various medals for the group tournaments. They won gold for both teams of 2 Categories: Mr. Pugu Susiantoro and Mr. Alverno for the Total Nett Category and Mr. Erwin Gani & Mrs. Wita for the Total Gross Category. The GOBER HARA TOKEN also won a gold medal for the Total Nett Trio Category courtesy of Mr. Erwin Gani, Mr. Pugu Susiantoro, and Mr. Alverno. And Mr. Pugu Susiantoro was the Gold Medalist of the Best Gross Overall Category.

The Xpora Virtual Golf Tour shows that HARA Token is known and believed even by prominent individuals in the golf industry and outside of the crypto world!


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