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HARA’s Quarterly Recap: January — March 2022

Hi HARA Squad! HARA’s first quarter of 2022 has been filled with amazing events, new initiatives, and projects. Here are a few of our honorable mentions: PERTAHARA Launching in four areas; Bojonegoro, Purbalingga, Malang, and Banyumas, huge of events and collaborations such as; Twitter Space, Instagram Live, and Webinar, NFT collaboration re-launching with Meta Forest Society, also discuss & sharing together with Prasetiya Mulya S1 Business for Business Case Provider and Guests Judges, and also Sharing Leadership Program with Universitas Gadjah Mada.

We are so excited to share all the details with you so let’s get right to it!

An Update of PERTAHARA

For 3 months early in 2022, PERTAHARA have successfully planted 70,213 ginger buds within a good condition in 3 areas such as Bojonegoro, Malang, and Purbalingga which scattered in 7 villages with the help of PERTAHARA (women farmers) and agripreneur. By this time, PERTAHARA has 341 farmers who officially registered on PERTAHARA application while they can keep updating and track the progress of their planting activities everyday. However, we have expanded our planting area to Banyumas, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia since we saw a great potential of planting activities out there. As an introduction of our expanding-project in Banyumas, PERTAHARA has started recruiting 25 female farmers.

You can read up more on the project here:

Meta Forest Society Re-Launch

HARA has been innovating exciting collaborating projects that combine the world of agriculture, arts, and digital assets. Meta Forest Society is the first Indonesia NFT project that has social impacts on it. Through a collaboration between PERTAHARA and Meta Forest Society, each NFT purchase will be able to give additional 150+ ginger seeds polybags to women farmers in Indonesia. Also, 20% of selling results will be donated to HARA Foundation. Therefore, HARA believes through this partnership with Meta Forest Society, we will create a better future for Indonesia’s agriculture sector and women empowerment.

On February 27th — 28th 2022, MFS announced their shop re-launch, after they opened their presale back on December 16th both for private and public, which successfully minted 1037 elves and generated around 11.4$ETH or around 530 million IDR. To build the hype, HARA also conducted several events such as QnA, Twitter Space, and Live Instagram.

Business Case Provider with S1 Prasetiya Mulya Business

On January 28th 2022, HARA was invited by S1 Prasetiya Mulya Business to attend their students business case presentation via Zoom. Some of HARA Teams are appointed as Guest Judges that are required to score and give feedback for the presentations material and how credible their idea is. There are 9 teams that are divided into 2 Breakout Rooms accompanied with each lecture. The teams presented business idea towards Koperasi Digital, Parallel Universe, and NFT.

ShARE — Education & Consulting Program with Universitas Gadjah Mada

On February 24th — March 17th, HARA was invited to join an education and consulting program held by Universitas Gadjah Mada that aims to educate and turn their surroundings to be a good leader. We regularly hold meetings once a week to exchange ideas, for example; HARA gives an explanation about our products and project, and then they will try to analyze our business plan and sum up with some new ideas on how we should develop our business more.

Throughout this one and a half month project members from ShARE UGM condoning research and interviews from our product team members and also PERTAHARA from the field to map PERTAHARA’s weakness and strong points. Starting from there ShARE and HARA could engage in a discussion about what should be improved and what should be maintained to increase our productivity, effectiveness, and also minimize our operational cost. The result of this program together with the closing ceremony attended by HARA CTO Mr. Imron Zuhri is a business design that HARA could apply to PERTAHARA and also some suggestions regarding commodities and marketing strategy.

Twitter Space: What HARA Is Cooking?

On February 11th, 2022 at 16:00 WIB — HARA gave a space for the general public who want to get to know HARA more closely through the Twitter platform. HARA created a “Twitter Space” with Agung Dwi Nugroho (Senior Product & Growth Manager) and Ashifa Zanethya (Product Operation Specialist) as speakers. With the big theme “What HARA is Cooking?”, two-way conversations were held between the speakers and participants to discuss updates about the HARA project and what HARA projects are going to be, ending up with a question and answer session between the speakers and audiences. This event was attended with 15 listeners and one winner who gets 7000 HART as a prize

This event is also supported by Cryptomate (@cryotomateid), one of Crypto, Blockchain, and NFT digital platforms and community who actively share all of the information regarding Crypto World.

Live Instagram: Agrikultur & Teknologi “Masa Depan Untuk Pertanian Indonesia”

On February 18th, 2022 — HARA invited Regi Wahyu (CEO of HARA Technology) and one of PERTAHARA, Sri Ulandari as speakers on Live Instagram @HARAToken. In addition to discussing the impact of the PERTAHARA project on female farmers in Indonesia, this Instagram Live also discusses “Agriculture and Technology” which focuses on “Future for Indonesian Agriculture”. This Instagram Live session was held at 19.00 WIB and was attended by approximately 30 participants. Questions and answers sessions were also conducted between the speakers and participants at the end of the session. Also, there is one winner who gets 3000 HART as a prize.

This event is also supported by :

  1. Guru Crypto (@gurucrypto_id), one of Indonesia’s Cryptocurrency education digital platforms. Guru Crypto helps us to promote our event through their Social Media : Instagram (@gurucrypto_id) by IG Feeds & IG Story.

  2. Millennials Farmer (@millennialsfarmer), one of Indonesia professional farm consultant and events portal for agriculture. MilFa helps us to promote our event through their Social Media : Instagram (@millennialsfarmer) by IG Feeds & IG Story.

Webinar “Bagaimana Cara Jadi Milyader NFT?”

On February 4th, 2022 — (, one of Growing & Accelerating Business for the Digital Economy platform, invited Regi Wahyu (CEO of HARA Technology), Damon Hakim (Managing Partner of Red Asia Inc.) and Ghozali Everyday (NFT Enthusiast) as speakers at the Digital DNA event. This webinar is held via live youtube and streamed with 5.4K viewers in one month. This discussion discusses how NFT works so that it can provide benefits for its users.


In February 2022 — PERTAHARA held a gathering with agripreneurs. This gathering was held on February 6th in Purbalingga and February 19th in Malang. Gathering Purbalingga discussed how to plant and use the application which was attended by 20 PERTAHARA candidates. Meanwhile in Malang, agripreneurs distribute polybags and socialize to 24 PERTAHARA. This gathering will be held regularly every month in all PERTAHARA areas.

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Legal Disclaimer. Contributions/Investment/trading in digital assets have a relatively high risk and may not match all types of investors. The value of the digital asset is very highly volatile. This could mean potential huge profits, this also could mean potential huge losses. HARA Tokens are digital assets, so if you are interested in becoming a HARA contributor, you must convince yourself of all aspects of HARA: technology, business models, and other related factors. You should be aware of the risks of failure will still exist. HARA cannot guarantee or be held responsible for any gains or losses from the performance of HARA Token which will fully be determined by market forces.

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