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HARA CEO Announced as Mentor for Sustainable Development Goals Impact Accelerator

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

We are honored to announce that our CEO, Mr. Regi Wahyu was chosen as one of the inspiring mentors for the Sustainable Development Goals Impact Accelerator Program on Digital Agriculture and Financial Inclusion!

“With my humility I feel honor to be part of global mentor for SDG Impact Accelerator” — Regi Wahyu, the CEO of HARA

Sustainable Development Goals Impact Accelerator, or also known as SDGia, is a global accelerator that is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and innovators who are creating social impact. It is an initiative that challenges the use of SDGs to solve complicated issues faced by displaced populations and Least Developed Countries (LDCs). SDGia focuses on connecting highly innovative private sectors, public stakeholders, and their solutions around solving specific development challenges. SDGia is also an example of an inclusive partnership that focuses on developmental issues and creating impact through supporting entrepreneurs. The strong collaboration among the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, UNDP, and the United Nations Technology Bank for LDCs created the foundation for this program.

Through the Digital Agriculture and Financial Inclusion program, the participants went through a process of finding, meeting mentors, funding founders, and innovators in an accelerated time frame with the help of global investors, mentors, and partners. The 10 chosen startups were guided and challenged continuously by mentors to build a sustainable business that can create a systemic and sustainable change for the agriculture industry while also solving financial inclusion challenges.

However, before the acceleration program began, SDGia held a Pre-acceleration Program to evaluate the startups’ impact potential and implementation capacity. In this phase, the startups were evaluated by experts, and 10 startups were selected out of the 40 being nominated. Those selected had the opportunity to do 1–1 sessions with members of the global mentor network of SDGia, which included investors, founders, private sector professionals, and public representatives. Aside from that, the startups were also given a chance to implement their programs in Bangladesh and Uganda.

The program was very well received by the participants and it received many positive feedbacks about how participants were encouraged to grow. One participant commented on how their mentors have been a tremendous support during the acceleration program and that their level of engagement was very impressive.

“Me and HARA always ready to support and open for any collaboration to build a larger ecosystem with the same mission to create positive social impact to society at the bottom of the pyramid “ — Regi Wahyu, CEO of HARA

We hope that this acceleration program will strengthen our partnership with other startups and stakeholders as we believe that collaboration is key in making a positive impact on society and the world.


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