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2021 Recap: A Look Back to The First Half of 2021

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway to 2021! But this time, HARA is back with news on what we have been up to in 2021. From finally launching our Pancasila Ginger Project to HARA being represented in various webinars by our CEO and CTO to our CEO, Regi Wahyu, being honored as a mentor for SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Impact Accelerator, we were certainly making the most of 2021. Here are some of the highlights of this year:

Pancasila Ginger Project

HARA is proud to announce that the Pancasila Ginger Project has successfully started in June this year! The project strives to provide female farmers with the necessary capital, education, and valuable crop to become self-sufficient manner and earn extra income.

During the past months, our Field Officers have been working hard in Bojonegoro to help distribute, prepare, and educate HARA farmers in planting their ginger buds. We specifically chose ginger as our plant of choice due to its simple routine and efficient use of existing resources (back yards). By the end of June 2021, we successfully distributed and planted 15.000 ginger seeds to female farmers. The fundamental core of our program is to help female farmers rise towards financial stability and independence, while also facilitating them to become self-sufficient. We are happy that our Pancasila Ginger Project is well received and even anticipated by many farmers, with the first batch of 60 farmers already registered!

HARA CEO as Mentor for SDG Impact Accelerator

Regi Wahyu featured as a mentor on SDG Impact Accelerator

HARA was surprised and elated to hear that the CEO of our company was honored as one of the mentors for Sustainable Development Goals Impact Accelerator last month. Regi Wahyu was a mentor for the Digital Agriculture and Financial Inclusion program, which is dedicated to empowering “systems entrepreneurs” and innovators who are creating social impact.

HART Withdrawal from Tokenomy to Indodax

As part of our listing on Indodax, we are helping our token holders transfer their HARA Tokens from Tokenomy to Indodax. The reason for this is because HARA Token has been delisted from Tokenomy, so the platform can no longer support HARA Token transactions. We are currently posting reminders and sharing the tutorial file on how to transfer their tokens from Tokenomy to Indodax with our token holders.


Istanbul Innovation Days 2021

Regi Wahyu sharing his knowledge on how technology can help farmers

Last March, our very own CEO, Regi Wahyu, was invited to be a speaker at the Istanbul Innovation Days 2021 — an event that was organized by the United Nations Developmental Programme (UNDP). Sharing on the topic of “Rethinking Our Relationship with Nature”, Regi shared how technology can be beneficial and even instrumental in defining a new relationship with nature, which in this case using blockchain to collect information about the land, weather, and type of plants to help farmers mitigate and minimize their risk of growing crops.

Agriculture Blockchain Web Summit

Regi Wahyu sharing how HARA is creating job opportunities for locals

The Agriculture Blockchain Web Summit event itself is a virtual summit where prominent experts from across the Agriculture and Food Sector will discuss and share their ideas on how Blockchain can change the future of agriculture. Joining other distinguished speakers from around the globe, Regi Wahyu shared how HARA is using blockchain as their main instrument in bringing changes and developments in the agriculture sector of Indonesia.

New Normal, New Internal Communication Strategy?

Imron Zuhri sharing the importance and challenges of internal digital communication

HARA CTO Imron Zuhri was one of the guest speakers for Talk with Santi: New Normal, New Internal Communication Strategy? Webinar. The session talked about how with the lessening of human interactions, digital communication has become even more intense. HARA’s Imron Zuhri shared the importance of transferring the continuation of employee participation and continuous learning towards digital channels in the 4.0 era.

Global Leadership Center Webinar

HARA CTO, Imrun Zuhri, as the guest speaker on the Global Leadership Webinar 2021

HARA CTO, Imron Zuhri, was the speaker for the Global Leadership Center Webinar on June 30, 2021. this month’s GLC webinar chose the topic of a CEO’s Overview on the HR (Human Resources) sector to give a deeper understanding for new entrepreneurs on how to utilize technology in HR. Imron Zuhri shared the potential use of AI and blockchain in Human Resources and how it may help in making talent scouting, the employment process, and employee experience far more accessible.

We are very excited to see what the rest of 2021 has in store for us!


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