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Making the invisible visible through the use of technology to accelerate agricultural development for Indonesian farmers to be more equitable.

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Our Mission

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About Us
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Stories from the Field

Every farmer has a story

Village Chief of Kayulemah, East Java

"I am very grateful for HARA to come to our village and support our farmers. As the head of the village, I am a big proponent of activities that focus on helping our farmers."

Moch. Rhodi

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Farmer in Ngampal Village, East Java

"I am a paddy farmer, who has joined different loan programs. Compared to borrowing straight from cooperatives or banks, (the process) with HARA is certainly easier."


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Field Agent in Ngampal Village, East Java

"I am happy that I've joined HARA because I can help farmers. As a farmer myself, I know farmers' struggle to get access to institutions. With HARA, farmers are connected straight to business players."


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